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Visionary | Adventurer | Lover of Nature


My adventure started with windows. During childhood road trips, my father would encourage me to see what we were passing, not to just look out the window. Then came the challenges of 'did you see this' and 'did you see that'.


I grew up in western Nebraska, where I learned to love seeing horizons and nature. My career as a computer programmer, nearly forty years so far, has engrained a passion for details and precision that spills over into everything I do. When we can, my wife and I squeeze in trips both here and abroad, trying to fill the thirst of adventure.


I find myself perpetually wondering what is over the next hill, what is around the corner. I am fascinated with patterns, from the veins in a tiny leaf, to the evening's shadows on distant mountains, and to the dimples punctuating a grandchild's smile.


I've traveled, but not enough.

I've lived, but not enough.

I've seen, but not enough.

I've shared, but not enough.


Come along with me. Let me share what I see out my 'window' - the lens of my camera. I hope you find a flower that brings back memories, or a landscape that piques your curiosity. But I also want to encourage you to 'see', not just look.


- Mike Kelso



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